HINTS - Spoilers

Some of the common sticking points are answered below - scroll slowly to avoid seeing to far ahead. Most common questions have already been asked and answered on the Touch arcade forums. Just highlight the grey spoiler boxes on the forum posts or just ask.

Missing Notes? - They are all in the houses except one at the start which in next to the shore on a tree.

I'm in Camp Andrews what now? - There is a puzzle with rotating doors on the wall. If you shoot a panel it turns around. There is a clue in one of the other rooms to the way each panel should face. Also look at the direction that the 8 chairs face.

Whats with these photos? - There is one photo that matches the photo next to Dr Everett, click on it.

She coming out of the screen? - Click the key she is holding.

There is lightning blocking the door to the cellar? - You need to kill Dr Everett to get in, Find the area on the ground that is marked with a Star and Circle next to Camp Andrews and try there.

Where does the crystal go? - Click on the Laser beam in camp Andrews (you need to click high on the beam itself).

I've found all the Indian objects where do they go? - There is a box in the cellar where the crystal was, click on it.

I've replaced all the Indian objects what now? - Find and shoot the 3 large floating rocks around the map then go to the Storm Stone Shine to pick up the last key to the water tower by the lake.

Where are the 3 large rocks - one is by the lake close to the 12 pillars. One is on the road above plot 4. One is below plot 6, shoot each one to make them spin.